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Founded in 2005 The Barbershop A Hair Salon for Men is dedicated to providing the best value for Men and Boys with its standard It’s More Than a Haircut ® service. We have created a truly compelling experience for men to look forward to their next haircut. We do this by providing high quality salon services, a unique customer focus, all in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Men and boys will truly enjoy their haircut again. When they enter the salon they find a big flat panel TV, lots of great magazines, the local newspaper, free salted peanuts and coffee in the waiting area.

When it’s time for their precision cut, their experienced stylist will take them to their private barber chair and hand them the remote control to their own HDTV. And if that isn't enough, not only will their stylist cut their hair, they will also receive a relaxing shampoo and condition, a hot facial towel, trim their eyebrows, ears and mustache and give them a shoulder massage.

The Barbershop A Hair Salon for Men ® is a rapidly growing Men and Boys’ Hair care franchise with 40 locations and growing throughout the USA.

We offer you a realistic version of what it is like to open a business, develop a region, and manage your business to your goals. We offer a commitment to staying true to our core principles as it pertains to our relationship with our franchise partners. We offer a personalized support structure that keeps you in touch with people that walk the walk, owning multiple successful locations themselves.

We offer trainers that have worked up through our business and know all facets of in store operations because they themselves have worked as Managers, Stylists, and Receptionists within our business. We offer flexibility. We offer consideration of your interest. We welcome your ideas and inputs. We encourage partner collaboration.

We are dedicated to our franchise partner’s success. Our objective is to work with a smaller number of franchise partners interested in developing multiple locations within a state, region, or city. By working with a smaller number of franchise partners we can keep our support infrastructure costs under control passing that efficiency onto our franchise partners via a very low royalty structure that graduates down with the opening of more locations.

Additionally, our ongoing support remains much more personalized as we walk with you towards your success. The original founder is still very active continuing to develop a large region in addition to developing locations that are owned by the franchise. The franchise owners continue to develop locations and are highly involved in supporting new franchise partners.

Personalized support from people that own and operate multiple locations themselves.

Training from individuals that have worked in multiple locations as Managers, Stylists, and Receptionists.

Simple systems in place that allow you to focus on areas of your business that you enjoy most and where your time nets the best return.

Punch your own time clock. As your business matures you have more control over your time.

Control your income. As your business matures you have more control over your income.

Our model has shown itself to be resilient during economic downturns/recession.